Connect your ZKTeco iClock time and attendance device to ClockIt-Online

So, you got your time & attendance devices, maybe on different locations, but stuck on an easy way to view the data an update it ? Stop using USB sticks to download entry logs. Using the web interface of the device is already a good step forward, but still, it makes it time consuming to format all data, to enter RFID card numbers when a new employee joins or when a card gets lost.

With an exciting new feature, ClockIt-Online helps you and your staff to access your device data by automatically uploading the data of each devices to your company ClockIt-Online account. In ClockIt-Online, you can manage your RFID cards and assign them to a staff member. You can manage which cards have to be uploaded to which device.
This way you can easily use your iClock S680 or S880 device as access device as well!

Security is of course the most important part of interacting with your time and attendance devices. Setting up port forwarding to your devices makes them vulnerable for attacks over the internet. Therefore, we've chosen for a complete secure setup by running a local software within your network. This software acts as a man in the middle as it will both communicate with the time and attendance devices in your network as well as with ClockIt-Online.

By using your time and attendance devices in combination with ClockIt-Online, you get the ease of using our cloud software : overview of clock in / out times, data export, management modules for RFID cards and devices all in a single platform.

And maybe that's the best part of it: all data is located in one place! No need to use different tools, or doing things manually. ClockIt-Online handles it all for you. ClockIt-Online is built to take away the hassle of getting correct information, and lets you focus on what's important : learning about your team's involvement and performance.

You want to learn more about how ClockIt-Online can simplify time & attendance tracking?
Contact us for a chat and a virtual coffee, or have a look around in our time and attendance devices shop to see what we have in store!

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