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Loosing track of who worked when, which shift, wether they started on time? How about leave requests ?
How easy can you find who's on leave and how many hours someone worked yesterday ?

ClockIt-Online helps you moving to a digital approach :: Share duty rosters, request and handle absense, punch clock in / out .. all accessible in seconds !

There's more :: As a manager ClockIt-Online helps you to give autonomy to your staff :: you give them a platform for collaboration and discussions, you can give them the freedom to trade shifts and requests leave.

And best of all, as manager, you decide to what extend the autonomy is given. Would you like to stay in the loop every step? Only have the final say ? Or just keep an eye on how your staff is becoming more independent ? It's all possible with ClockIt !

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  • Features
    • Online employee scheduling
    • View the duty roster
    • Schedule meetings
    • Request leave
    • Trade shifts
    • Time clock in / out registration
    • Dashboard for managers
    • Private forum
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