Our Services

Our focus is on employee scheduling and time & attendance. We offer different services which you can combine based on your needs. Wether you're looking for a cloud time & attendance solution, a desktop software for employee scheduling or our consultancy in setting things up :: use the solution you need or even combine multiple solutions.

Our Features

Online employee scheduling

Update the duty roster with just a few clicks.

Share the duty roster

Mail notification, google calendar, ical feed, ...

Schedule meetings

Schedule a meeting, todo, reminder, ...

Request and manage leave

Request leave and management tools.

Trade shifts

Won't be able to take on your shift? Trade it !

Time clock in / out registration

Track the time your employees are on the job.

Dashboard for managers

Use the dashboards for a quick overview.

Private forum

Inform your staff and start discussion.

and more...

Use our desktop scheduling software for Windows to plan your staff.     Learn more
Upload from and download data to your backend software using our webservices.     Learn more