Our online employee punch clock and worked time feature

Step 1

Clock in / out by logging in to ClockIt-Online.

Step 2

Forgot to punch? ClockIt-Online will give a reminder!

Step 3

Managers are informed of punch updates and have several reports to check worked and planned hours performance.

Time & attendance

With ClockIt-Online you can track the worked time of your employees. Your staff can clock in / out by logging in to the ClockIt-Online portal, by using a local Windows software or by clocking using time and attandance devices of the ZKTeco iClock series. As manager, you get an overview of worked time per day, week, month as well as the detail of when your staff member clocked in / out.

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  • Features
    • Staff can punch clock in / out.
    • Managers can see who clocked in.
    • Managers are informed by mail when a clock punch is updated.
    • Dashboards showing the worked and planned hours ratio.

Read what some of our Customers say about our online worked time feature

With the new laws regarding overtime change come December 1st, I needed to be able to see how many of my employees that are salaried actually are working overtime and be able to keep records without all of the paper. ClockIt-Online looks easy to use by our employees and it's reasonably priced.

Sandra P.Practice administrator, Neurology services in Georgia. Using ClockIt-Online since 2016