Our online employee scheduling feature

ClockIt-Online comes with a build in duty roster editor to update the schedule of your employees. Updating the schedule is done in sandbox mode. This means, as long as you work within the sandbox schedule, your employees won't see the update. Only when publishing your duty roster, the schedule becomes visible to your staff. This way of working allows you to take your time setting up a new duty roster and only communicate it to your staff when ready.

Now, the best of all :: when published, your staff will get an automatic message informing them of the changed assignments.

Read what some of our Customers say about our online employee scheduling feature

I wanted wanted to be able to easily share duty rosters and send updates of roster changes in real time, and ClockIt-Online is taking care of that.

Steve D.Commander, County Sheriff's Office in Minnesota. Using ClockIt-Online since 2012

We're using ClockIt-Online as we were looking for a way to easily assign shifts to our staff and to get them informed of changes to their duty roster

Kurt VdBSupervisor, Profile Euroservice in Belgium. Using ClockIt-Online since 2014