Our online shift trading feature

One of the more advanced workflows found in ClockIt-Online is the shift trading feature. When you are not able to take on your shift or even a part of it, place it on the shift trade market. Here your colleagues are able to see the trade request including the shift you want to trade for. This feature is also perfect if you want to clear your calendar :: trade the shifts on these days with someone who's unassigned. When a colleague wants to trade, you are notified and can choose to accept or refuse the trade suggestion. Finally, after you have chosen who to trade with, your manager has final say by approving the shift trade.

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By implementing ClockIt-Online, we have been able to provide our staff with a platform for collaboration and discussions, leave requests are handled digitally and we can give them the freedom to trade shifts.

Steve D.Commander, County Sheriff's Office in Minnesota. Using ClockIt-Online since 2012