How ClockIt-Online saves you time

With ClockIt-Online, we focus on making the follow-up of worked time less time consuming. As a manager it's important to know who's on the job, whether they started on time and completed the shift. As employee it's important all information entered is up to date and traceble so discussions can be avoided.

ClockIt-Online helps you by showing your clock punches. If something wasn't registered correctly, you can update it. Automatically, the manager is informed of the change.

How to know if a clock punch was missed ? Easy! When logging on to ClockIt-Online, or when using the corporate clock punch page, you'll get a personal overview of punches for the last week which might need correction. Validations include whether a clock punch was made without having a shift assigned. But also the other way around: maybe you forgot to clock punch .. also in this case ClockIt-Online will inform you about it, so you can correct things.

Finally, as manager, you'll be able to modify punch times as well, should the staff member not be able to do the changes. Also in this case, everyone involved will be informed of the modification.

With the data being up to date, as a manager, most of the work is already done: no need to go through excel files, notes or mails. Al data is available in ClockIt-Online, you just have to decide how to use it. As you can see in one of the picture above, ClockIt-Online offers a personalized dashboard showing the planned and worked time. Additionally, a full data dump can be made, allowing you to do your own calculation and reporting if required.

Finally, if you have your own back office automation software, ClockIt-Online has some APIs you can use to download all required information.

ClockIt-Online is built to take away the hassle of getting correct information, and lets you focus on what's important : learning about your team's involvement and performance.

You want to learn more about how ClockIt-Online can simplify time & attendance tracking? Contact us for a chat and a virtual coffee !