Leave request management

Both requesting leave as well as the follow-up can be troublesome without the right tools. Simplifying this is what I had in mind designing the leave request and management modules.

Developing a software for international use can be troublesome as well. Instead of going in depth in national laws regarding leave of absence, I developed a management module were the ClockIt admin would be able to customize the webforms to company and country specifications. This means, we had to think about to find a way to customize the input fields. When do you want to take leave is an obvious one, what about the kind of leave ? Being sick or taking PTO is something different and should be reported in a different way.

To customize the look & feel, we've added an admin module to manage the different leave types, to set which screen input fields are mandatory and the confirmation mail templates.

The benefit of using ClockIt-Online, for management, HR, and the employee requesting leave is a more streamlined workflow, in which each party is informed and can easily track the status. Further more, ClockIt-Online makes it mandatory for managers to add a reason should a leave request be denied.

Finally, with ClockIt-Online being a collaboration platform, it's important your colleagues are aware of your intention to take leave or when approved, they need to know you won't be at office .. and not find that out the day itself. ClockIt-Online publishes leave requests on the company calendar, so it's visible to all.