Use this method in application when each user needs to sign in with their ClockIt-Online username & password. Using a token avoids having to send the user password and email with each new API call.

All parameters are POST to URL

Parameter Type Value
userMailstringemail address of the logged on user, known by ClockIt-Online
userPassstringClockIt-Online password of logged on user

Responses are in JSON format

Parameter Type Value
errorMsgstringFilled in with the errormessage in case swError = true
msgstringsuccess message
userIdintegertechnical user ID as used in ClockIt-Online
companyIdintegerCompany account ID under which this user is known in ClockIt-Online.
tokenstringToken valid during 30 mintues after request. Use this token in other API calls.
isUserAdminstringIs the logged on user a ClockIt-Online admin "true"/"false".
isUserScheduleManagerstringIs the logged on user a ClockIt-Online a schedule manager "true"/"false".