Use this method to write your own clock punch in / out software with ClockIt-Online integration. Note: ClockIt-Online will calculate whether the POST is a punch in or out based on previous punches.

All parameters are POST to URL

Parameter Type Value
ADMIN_TOKENstringvalue locally saved or obtained by calling GET_CLOCKIT_OFFLINE_ADMIN_TOKEN
passwordstringMD5 hashed string of the user password.
PINstringPIN / Personnel ID of the employee, set at the My profile page.
datetimeYmdHMSstringClock time stamp format yyyy/mm/dd-hh:nn:ss

Responses are in JSON format

Parameter Type Value
errorMsgstringFilled in with the errormessage or blank in case swError = true
infoMessagestringFunctional feedback message for user
lastActionsarray20 last actions performed by all members. SubJSON containing functional employee name, functional datetime and performed action.