Inform and keep track of your staff's worked time and planning.

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Our Features

Online employee scheduling

Update the duty roster with just a few clicks.

Share your duty roster

Push notification, google calendar, ical feed, ...

Schedule meetings

Schedule a meeting, todo, reminder, ...

Request and manage leave

Request leave and management tools.

Trade shifts

Won't be able to take on your shift? Trade it !

Time clock in / out registration

Track the time your employees are on the job.

Dashboard for managers

Use the dashboards for a quick overview.

Private forum

Inform your staff and start discussion.


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Let your staff know when they are planned and follow up their worked time Scroll down to check out more features !

ClockIt-Online is incredibly especially extremely easy to use.

Start sharing information with your team in less than 5 minutes.

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Create your dutyroster, publish it to share with your staff and follow up daily clock times by your staff.

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Raising autonomy and staff engagement

Our Values

Customer centric

We believe in working with you, our customer. Is something missing in our product or not entirely working as you need it? Talk to us, share your insights. We'll do the work, free of charge !

Low Price

We're not here for the big money. We're here to learn and to make fun. And we've been around since 2001 ! Sure, we need to make a living and make investments in new products and infrastructure. But we always aim to provide our service at the lowest price in the market !

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Online emloyee scheduling

Use ClockIt-Online to create your duty roster and share it with your team. Additionally, schedule meetings, request leave, trade shifts, apply for a shift and more !

Awesome Support

You won't be alone, satisfaction is guaranteed. We want you to succeed in creating a more informed and autonomous team by using ClockIt-Online. Let us know how we can assist !



ClockIt-Online can upload your schedule to your Google Calendar. You can also synchronize your duty roster with your own calendar software (thunderbird, outlook, ..). Need more ? Sure ! We got some API's available which you can use to integrate ClockIt-Online with your backend.

Free Updates

Of course ! ClockIt-Online runs in the cloud. So every update is available for you !

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